Mizen2Malin Challenge

Mizen2Malin Challenge

At the start of August, 5 brave COBRA "athletes" attempted their most ambitious challenge to cycle the length of Ireland in just 3 days. 

The team from Left to Right: Steven Archibald, Phillip Hamill, Calum McBurney, Jonny Mitchell and Adam Millar. Missing from the picture is team navigator, masseur and support car driver Alex Humphrey.

Our peloton hit a few snags along the way; anything from punctures, (two!) broken spokes and a bottom bracket that gave up the ghost at the end of the second day, to a rather aggressive bout of saddlesore for one of our riders. Needless to say, Phil was on hand with chamois cream to help!


COBRA would like to thank the Halfords branches in both Limerick and Londonderry for not only repairing our battered bikes in record time, but also doing so for free on both occasions!!

Having reached Enniskillen on the third day, the team were joined by Richard Archibald and George Hull who were determined to help them reach Malin Head before nightfall. With an injection of pace from their fresh legs, the group were spurred to Londonderry, and onward through Donegal. Having done a trial ride of the final stages of the route a few weeks before, they were well prepared for what lay in store and reached Malin Head with impressive speed.

So far the M2M challenge has raised over £1300 for our fundraising efforts. A special thanks has to go to Alex Humphrey for giving up his time to support the challenge!


Please see a few more pictures from the event and training below!

The two best friends that anyone could ever have.

That one time Calum let someone else pump up his tyres...

That one time Calum pumped up his own tyres...

Soaked in Donegal

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