The 2015 COBRA AGM was a landmark for the organisation, as the Board of Directors proposed a number of options for the future of the organisation due to the amalgamation of Coleraine Academical Institution (CAI) with Coleraine High to form Coleraine Grammar School (CGS). 


The members voted unanimously in favour to continue supporting the club under it's new guise of Coleraine Grammar School Rowing Club (CGSRC) and look forward to welcoming oarsmen and oarswomen into our organisation. Additional changes included changing the title Coleraine Old Boys Rowing Association and the relevant acronym C.O.B.R.A, and changing this to COBRA - Coleraine Alumni Rowing Association. This is a clear intent that we wish to invite all alumni of CGSRC to join, but maintain a reference to the strong foundations upon which this organisation was formed and built. 


COBRA - Coleraine Alumni Rowing Association has two main objectives:


1. Supporting CGS Boat Club

Fundraise and purchase new equipment for the club

Act as a pressure group to request the school to continue investment into the sport

Provide consultative advice to C.G.S.

Whilst COBRA would not be a coaching organisation, it would continue to provide coaching and organisational assistance to the school club when necessary.


2. Supporting CAIBC/CGSBC Alumni

Encourage recent school leavers to contribute to the future success of C.G.S. Boat Club

Arrange social events;

Keep members informed of the activities of the school club, as well as its alumni who are still competing domestically or internationally

Challenge the school’s top crews to an annual race for the Hamburg Trophy (eventually including female crews once numbers are sufficient).

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