Fundraising 2015

In 2012 the COBRA fundraising effort led to the purchase of the Herestreal, a Stampfli eight.  Since then the boat has been heavily used by the schoolboys for training and competition.

It was hoped that between 2011 and 2020 C.O.B.R.A. would be able to fundraise sufficiently to impact the club’s equipment priorities, looking specifically at upgrading the Club’s big boats.  With the old boys addressing this area, the club and school can fundraise to renew smaller boats and other equipment.

In 2015 COBRA are looking at buying a Janousek Coxless Four/Quad that will provide a good racing boat now and a good training boats as it ages.  Currently these boats cost £13,400 (inc. VAT) and with a set of sculling blades, our total target amount is £15,400.  However, COBRA is in a position to contribute £6,000 to this total, due to the increased number of membership contributions.  Therefore the outstanding balance currently sits at £9,400.

We are asking Old Boys and friends for a single donation towards the purchase of a Rowing Four/Quad in 2015.  We will of course be glad of any amount, but we have suggested amounts that could be donated and how many donations would be needed to hit our target.  If old boys could give £500 we would only need 19 donations to get the schoolboys this boat.  However we realize that everyone has different circumstances and so we are suggesting donations ranging from £100 upwards and hope that you give whatever you can.  Donations can be made through and you can track the progress towards the target online and we will circulate an update in September.  Alternatively, cheques can be posted to the above address.

We hope that Old Boys will be able to support the current and future school rowers, just as previous old boys have supported the club throughout the years.


Determined to better the epic journey that saw 8 of our members follow the River Bann from ‘source2sea’ in 2011 during our last fundraising campaign, COBRA were busy preparing an equally well-named and suitably challenging fundraiser for the current campaign.


'Malin2Mizen’ took place at the start of August and saw a group of COBRA members cycle 390 miles from the most northerly point of Ireland, Malin Head, to the most southerly point, Mizen Head.  Whilst most fundraising groups allow five to seven days for the cycle, the old competitive spirit fostered at the boat club led to us completing the challenge in just 3 days…which we lived to regret!